Best cake delivery service in Ahmedabad

cake delivery in ahmedabad by midnightcake

Cake delivery in Ahmedabad

The list is long when you search for ‘cake delivery in Ahmedabad’ but to find the best one out of that is a real challenge.

Midnightcake team is pioneer in cake delivery in Ahmedabad since 2010. Midnightcake was born in Ahmedabad in 2010 when there were very few services in the market.

cake delivery in ahmedabad

Why Midnightcake is ‘the best service for cake delivery in Ahmedabad’?

There are several reasons, but to make it to the point, let’s sum up with top 5 reasons:

  1. Always ON TIME – Midnightcake is not the manufacturer of Cake, and neither are any other service providers, so the only reason you pay extra money is to make sure of ON TIME delivery of cake.
  2. System Driven – Midnightcake is driven by System. This system is designed and developed by its expert team in a way to minimize the human intervention and strong monitoring of several actions by Sellers within time limit.
  3. Quality Assurance – Relax if you are worried about the quality of cake. Midnightcake gets the cake from one of the Best cake manufacturers of Ahmedabad.
  4. Moneyback Guarantee – If the delivery is not done, you will get 100% amount refunded. Offcourse there are few Terms and Conditions, refer Frequently asked questions
  5. FREE Photography – Midnightcake provides photographs of actual cake which is delivered. There is no additional charge for this Value Added Service in Ahmedabad. You can request while placing the order. For rest of the cities you can check on site

How Midnightcake started its first service of Cake delivery in Ahmedabad

Midnightcake was featured on the first page of local newspaper in March 2010. That was the time, when it got a huge response and got booked for 2 months.

Initially the target of midnightcake was to be the most timely service for cake delivery in Ahmedabad at midnight, by delivering at sharp 11.55pm. Later with an overwhelming response from enthusiastic people of Ahmedabad, it started the day time service of cake delivery in Ahmedabad only.

Within 2 years, midnightcake service was available in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and few more. That was the proof of good delivery service experienced by thousands of people.

Be the First to Wish‘ being the tagline of midnightcake, it practically helps the sender to be the first one to wish their loved ones, and that too at midnight.

Latest Trend – Cake delivery in Ahmedabad with Live Music and Videography

How can you identify a cake from Midnightcake?

Midnightcake team puts a card on cake before delivery with the special message given by the sender. This serves two purposes, one it gives ample space to write the message from sender and second it gives the identity of Midnightcake Team.

When people see the card above their cake, they feel relaxed and confident 🙂


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