Celebration for the End of Pains

breakup celebration

Breakup Celebration

Happy Side of the Sad Time !

When you are in a serious relationship, you pass through highs and lows , out of which the worst part is the breakup !

It leaves someone with painful heart , drowning in the memories while it doesn’t affect few who were just there and not living the relationship .


But no matter how deep were you in love there are few things you would be happy it ended ! As it is over there is no reason to whine over it so why don’t we find the solid reasons to celebrate which help us in moving on. Here we have some of the solid reasons for Breakup Celebration


  • Peace ! You don’t have to think of anyone else but you all the time you  have in the day to think.
  • No more keeping your egos low and do things you don’t like watching sad, crying love stories while you want to jump in the couch and play with your game station.
  • No more wasting time looking after where she goes and who she meets.
  • No more manhunting her best male friend.
  • Free from worries when to reach home , friends gather wana head for bar ? Just hit it.
  • No need to keep your stuff clean as Buckingham palace , you can live in the cowshed you love !
  • Free from forced conversation with the Iggy piggy friends she loved to hangout with.
  • Wana head for a night out, be cool. No one is there to suspect you of something unfaithful sex encounters.
  • Can talk with any beautiful lady across the roads you like hitting on !
  • Judgement free call to you female friend just to check out what she is upto.
  • You can watch whatever you want on netflix 😛

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