Surprise on Airport for Frequent Traveller

cake delivery at airport

Cake delivery at airport

Midnightcake team has come up with a concept of cake delivery at airport for frequent fliers who travel often. Due to increase in travelling with the rise in cross country trade and commerce, more and more number of people are travelling on a daily basis. Life has become hectic and restless. There is atleast few people around each of us who are working relentlessly without spending time with family and friends.

cake delivery on airport customer

In the quest to earn more money, higher status, more respect in society and friend circle, we have lost the value of small moments. These small moments together make the whole life interesting and full of happy moments. Midnightcake team has attempted once again to come up with something new for those who travel often and seldom find time for family and friends. It is not just about business, but it is more about spreading happiness and positive vibrations wherever possible by means of cake. Cake is just an instrument.

Not just birthday, marriage anniversary or valentine day needs a cake. Any ordinary day can turn into a memorable one, specially when we are travelling and we get a cake delivery at airport, that too for no reasons šŸ˜‰

Birthday cake delivery at airport – a special birthday gift !

Now onward, you will be able to send cake to airport with the new concept of midnightcake for cake delivery at airport. For some time try to imagine and think that you are coming back home from a rigorous series of meetings and business meets. It is the time when you really want to unwind and relax. Your flight takes off for your hometown.

While on flight the mobile does not work, so you did not had any chance to chat with your family and friends. You are now craving to get off the plane and get a cab straight to your home. This could be your normal routine being the frequent flier. The moment you step out of arrival gate, you find a person asking for your name.

It would be a dicey situation for you. But, suddenly you get a delicious yummy fresh baked cake in front of you, with a secret message on cake, which only you can understand šŸ™‚

That’s when you realize that its your own Birthday ! and someone special has opted for a cake delivery at airport to wish you “Happy Birthday”

Unexpected surprise at airport

When you are travelling by air, following are very common surprises:

  • there is no cab when you search in your mobile
  • there is a long queue at luggage belt
  • too many people in wash room
  • no trolley for your luggage
  • your checkin baggage is mistakenly gone in other flight
  • there is no network in your mobile
  • the battery in your phone is about to die
  • you forgot that small hand baggage in flight
  • there is no cafe to get a sip of coffee
  • the ATM inside airport is out of order
  • there is heavy rain outside
  • due to some VIP passenger travelling in next flight, there is tight security

well, these were most common surprises. But midnightcake team can arrange something out of the box.

Arrange a cake delivery at airport and give an unexpected surprise with a delicious fresh cake. Midnightcake team can arrange this with online booking from anywhere. Just few clicks and its done.

5 Top flavors for cake delivery at airport

Most of the cakes we deliver are loved by everyone, but there are a few who always get the extra attention, below are few:

  • Chocolate based cakes
    • Chocolate truffle cakeĀ chocolate truffle cake delivery at airport
    • Chocolate dryfruit cakeĀ Chocolate dryfruit cake delivery at airport
  • Black forest cakeĀ Black forest cake delivery at airport
  • Fresh fruit cakeĀ Fresh fruit cake delivery at airport
  • Kitkat cakeĀ Kitkat cake delivery at airport
  • Chocolate chips cakeĀ 

Its just few steps to book any of the above and get the cake delivery on airport when you have a special guest arriving. Simply add to cart, provide the delivery details, make the payment using paytm or payu. Leave rest of the things on midnightcake team and it would be done !

Things to be taken care while booking a cake delivery at airport

At first sight it looks quite easy to get a cake delivery at airport. But if you put some light on following aspects, it involves the expertise to make it hassle-free and worth.

When we want the cake delivery at airport we need to first check for following things:

  1. Flight number of receiver
  2. Whether that flight is running as per schedule or delayed
  3. Terminal number where the flight is going to embark
  4. Arrival gate or gates where there are multiple exit gates
  5. Time allowed at arrival gate location
  6. Contact details of receiver
  7. Dress code of receiver for identification
  8. Photo of receiver for identification
Photos of cake delivery at airport
cake delivery at airport photo

A photo from real celebration where cake delivery on airport was done by midnightcake team.

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