See what happened at Kalupur Railway Station at midnight of first rain in Ahmedabad.

cake delivery at ahmedabad junction

Cake delivery at railway station in rain

Midnightcake team helped Mr. Ravi* right from booking his order for cake delivery at railway station, till the actual delivery exactly ON TIME even in heavy rain.

Actually he first called Midnightcake’s helpline 7878113113 to know if the cake delivery can be done in train. He was travelling with his friends in a large group from Bhavnagar to Mumbai in Train No. 12972 – Bhavnagar Express.

cake delivery in bhavnagar express at railway station

What was the reason to book an order for Cake delivery at Railway Station ?

One of his friend’s birthday was the next day, but they wanted to give him a surprise at midnight. Now as per trains schedule, it arrives at Ahmedabad’s Kalupur Junction at 11:40pm i.e. almost midnight.

But who will deliver the cake in train and that too at midnight? so he searched on Google with “cake delivery at railway station” and found that Midnightcake Team has already done such cake delivery on kalupur station earlier also !

Immediately after calling the helpline, he received the url in SMS as discussed with the Customer Support Team over phone.

Using that url the order was booked successfully from Mobile in less than 5 minutes.

First rain of Ahmedabad, but still the show continues !

  • The train started from Bhavnagar at its scheduled time and was running ON TIME.
  • The train crossed Viramgam Station by 10.30pm.
  • Till now everything was perfect.
  • at 10:32pm he received one SMS : “Dear Midnightcake User due to heavy rain in Ahmedabad, the delivery may be affected/delayed. Kindly co-operate. Thank you. -At your service Midnightcake Team
  • Then started the suspense, what will happen if rain continues? will the cake be delivered or not
  • Everyone in group was worried and were waiting for the train to arrive at Ahmedabad junction with the fingers crossed.

On the other hand, Midnightcake team was all set for successful cake delivery at railway station. The fresh cake was ready. By 11.00pm it started moving towards Ahmedabad Junction.

At sharp 11:32 pm the executive reached railway station in heavy rain, with the cake and saw the sign board that Train No. 12972 is scheduled to arrive on platform No. 5 at 23:40.

cake delivery at ahmedabad railway station

Sign board on FOB at Ahmedabad Junction


All eyes on Platform No. 5, heavily crowded with passengers and rainwater all around.

cake delivery on railway station platform no 5

Platform 5 crowded with passengers catching the previous train. Rain continues.

Still platform no. 5 was not vacated by the previous train’s traffic. An extra care was required to handle the fresh baked cake in rush. If anyone in hurry hits the cake, there were no chances to get another one ! the whole celebration could be ruined with just a blink of  an eye.

Fortunately the executive managed to keep the cake untouched in tiptop condition in the midst of thousands of commuters. The next was to prepare the cake and keep it ready to cut before the next train arrives.

cake delivery at railway station

Signboard showing Bhavnagar express arrival time as 11:40pm on platform 5

The coach was B2 which is a second class AC coach. One of the most important and challenging task is to guess and find the approximate location of coach on platform before train arrives, and stand there to minimize the wastage of time in finding the coach after train has arrived.

Adrenaline level was already at the top of its level and pushing higher !

All set and ready for Cake Delivery at railway station !

The countdown started as the loudspeaker announced the arrival of Bhavnagar Express on Platform no.5 in next few minutes.

It was all set and ready such that as soon as the train arrives the cake delivery at railway station is completed successfully, even in rain.

cake delivery at ahmedabad railway station

Cake ready to be delivered on Railway Station


The cake, the candle, the knife, all set and ready for the delivery on platform no. 5 of Ahmedabad junction.

Only thing to be waited for, was Bhavnagar Express with customers on board, waiting for yummy chocolate truffle cake.

This was like to expect something to happen, at a special time, special location, in unexpected circumstances, in an uncertain weather conditions, and that too from never before experienced team – Midnightcake team.


The Whistle blows and countdown begins 

Here arrives Bhavnagar Express with its bright head light ON and spreading the rays of hopes of happiness.

Thanks to the led sign boards of Indian Railways which helped a lot to locate the coach no. B2 on platform 5 well in advance before the arrival of train.

cake delivery in bhavnagar express train

Arrival of bhavnagar express on platform 5. LED signboard showing the expected location of coach B2.


The Arrival

The countdown begins with the arrival of Train. 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – ….


Haaash Delivered – The happiness goes viral on everyone’s face

Finally the moment train turned its speed to zero, almost all friends landed on platform to hunt for the delivery executive, but before they invested much of their energy, the cake with a candle on it and a knife was straight in front of them, coming closer inch by inch, feet by feet.

Those moments were like slo-mo ones in Bollywood, the hero running towards heroine in open grassland with tonnes of flowers all around, only minor difference here was, the platform was bit narrow, wet, crowded, and surrounded by trains 😉

The single reason of happiness was the untouched fresh cake, delivered on time, in rain, at railway station. That was actually the beginning of happy moments to be followed by the cake cutting ceremony…

cake delivery at railway station by friends

Earlier tensed but now happy and relaxed friends who booked the cake. Don’t miss the special one on train 😉



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