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Cake delivery – an era of Online Celebration Services


Cake delivery is no more a typical service which used to be in 20th century. Call the local average grade bakery, select a cake randomly out of whatever options they give on phone. Ask them to deliver and collect cash on delivery. This was what used to be once upon a time, when anyone thinks of the term – “cake delivery”

In current era of digital world where everything from a tiny needle to a large sized SUV car, everything can be bought online, cake delivery has reached the level never before imagined. is the perfect example of what new age cake delivery means.

Midnightcake Team is known for its online cake delivery services which is loved by millions and experienced by thousands. It is the service, one always craves for, on their own birthday. If it is your birthday tomorrow and if the door bell rings at 12 midnight today, means someone special has booked a deliciously yummy cake for you on

Cake delivery on Google Trends

There is a significant growth in Google searches for Cake delivery over last few years. Below is the graph showing how the number of people searching for Cake delivery on Google has increased.


Midnightcake stands strong as a branded cake delivery services, trusted by everyone who experiences it once. Those who experiences goes crazy for it. They simply wait eagerly for that special day, when they can gift it to their loved ones and friends and ‘be the first to wish’ them.

Special Days for cake delivery

  • Birthday
  • Marriage Anniversary
  • Valentine day
  • Christmas
  • Rakshabandhan
  • New Year eve

The slogan of Midnightcake is “be the first to wish” which literally helps anyone to become the first person to wish not just with a message or email but with a beautiful delicious cake, at their doorstep, at midnight. Sounds cool?

Same day cake delivery

Due to the busy lives, we often forget important dates. Suddenly when we remember that it is the birthday of someone really special tomorrow, no plan works better than arranging the delivery of a delicious cake. Midnightcake team is expert at sending the cake delivery on same day with as low as 3 hours gap. Midnightcake is probably the only one to accept the order after 7pm for same day.

Extra ordinary value additions with delivery of cake

Midnightcake can also arrange the delivery with a live musician who play guitar, a singer who sing the favorite song, an anchor who can bring the fun out and a videographer who can capture all this. Further it gets converted into a nice short movie kinda thing which is a masterpiece.


We call this an investment in memories. As those moments are permanently stored in that video. When anyone watches it after 2 decades, the importance of investment in memories becomes justified. Nobody can buy the past, so those memories become invaluable.

Midnightcake branding

Whenever you see the card with a tagline “you are special” on cake, consider it to be from Midnightcake.

midnightcake card

This is an initiative to make the experience of midnightcake uniform across major cities. Moreover it also creates the brand identity and fulfills the need of standardisation.

same day cake delivery

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Midnightcake is India's best online cake delivery services with large number of cake options for delivery on same day as well as midnight.

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