Cake delivery on Faizabad Railway Station

Cake delivery in train on Faizabad Station

It was one fine morning at around 11.30 am when Midnightcake Customer Support Team got a call on helpline from a Gentleman who was travelling with his wife in Train No. 19709 Kaviguru Express. He was asking about “cake delivery in train”

It was their Marriage Anniversary and he wanted to arrange some unique surprise for his wife, without letting her know anything about the surprise. But the question was how to do that.

After he provided all the details about his journey, Midnightcake team analyzed the route of train and checked which is the best suitable station enroute to arrange the delivery of cake in train.
cake delivery in train on faizabad junction

Same day cake delivery in train

Same day cake delivery is a challenge. Especially when it has to be done on railway station. And it becomes the toughest challenge, when the sender is also in train. Which means, the order has to be booked from a moving train and has to be correctly delivered in the same train, to the correct person, from the correct coach and correct seat number in as low as 5 minutes halt.

How to get a cake delivery in train ?

Well the process is quite long and complicated, considering several factors which are dynamic, but in simple language its just 2 steps with Midnightacake:

  1. First Step – Drop a mail to with your Train Number and PNR Number.
    1. Midnightcake team will analyse the route of train
    2. A suggestion of possible stations will be provided to you with the choice of your cake
  2. Last Step – Once you get the confirmation from Midnightcake team, simply click on the link provided in email or go to the live site and book your order for the City and Area provided to you in email from Midnightcake. That’s it. Leave rest of the things on Midnightcake Team.

Actual photos of cake delivery in train

There are several photos, but lets talk of the actual photos of cake delivery on Faizabad Station.

cake delivery in train faizabad station

How did the customer book a cake delivery in train


  • 11:30 am – The customer called the helpline 7878113113 to ask if there is any possibility about cake delivery in train.
  • 11:45 am –  Midnightcake Team started working on finding the best station enroute where the channel partners can do the cake delivery in train
  • 01:00 pm – Final confirmation was given to the customer about possibility of cake delivery at Faizabad Station in the evening at around 04.30 pm
  • 02:00 pm – Customer could not book the order due to poor mobile network connectivity in train. The main problem was, he was also travelling along with his wife in train, so communication was difficult when the train was in areas where there was not network.
  • 03:30 pm – Customer finally managed to book the order online even in low speed internet connection. Thanks to Midnightcake’s mobile optimized site 🙂
  • 04:00 pm – Midnightcake team was regularly monitoring the status of running train from erail and it was getting delayed due to some reasons
  • 04:15 pm – Midnightcake team was ready to get the surprise deliver on station but the train was delayed by an hour. This is when the team has to perform in extempore style, something which was not in plan.
  • 05:30 pm – Finally when the train arrived, a Delicious Cake with Fresh Flowers were waiting at the door of the coach A1
  • 05:35 pm – The customer received the SMS – “Delivered”

customer who got cake delivery in train

Feedback from customer after cake delivery in train by Midnightcake

Instead of we telling everything, let’s put an eye on what customer felt about Midnightcake. Here is a screenshot of the actual feedback.
customer feedback for cake delivery in train


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