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Cake delivery on Railway Station – Real Story

It was Parth’s Birthday when he was travelling in a long journey from Mumbai to Bhubaneshwar which was a journey of 30 long hours in Train.

LTT Puri Superfast Express

The train starts from Mumbai at Midnight 12:15 and reaches the destination next to next morning. Due to the unknown traffic conditions in Mumbai, Parth had to leave early for Railway Station somewhere around 10.45pm from South Mumbai, on the eve of his Birthday, and thus none of his friends could plan the Midnight Celebration, which was a tradition since years now. And by the time Parth reaches his destination, the Birthday would be already a thing of Past.

Most of his friends were thinking some way out to celebrate this specific Birthday, because it was his last Bachelor Birthday and Parth was getting married in couple of months. As he was recently engaged, his fiancée was also curious to celebrate the first Birthday after getting engaged. But Parth was a Man of Commitment, which he had already fixed with the Customer whom he was visiting in Bhubaneshwar, so there was no possibility that Parth could even slightly change the schedule of this Business Trip.

It looked like there was no way where Parth could be given a Birthday Surprise due to this long travelling schedule exactly on the Birthday. Few of his friends got some pranks to wish him once he is back, but that did not sound perfect, as the punch of that special day would be already dried away the next day.

Suddenly Rahul, a friend from the WhatsApp Group, which was created by his friends to plan a Surprise, gave an idea, why can’t we send a Cake to Parth wherever he is? Why can’t we do the Cake delivery on Railway Station? It sound crazy initially, but the question was who will do the Cake delivery on Railway Station,  that too not in Mumbai, but in a city where none of the Parth’s friend was residing. The Idea of cake delivery on Railway Station sounded brilliant, but the execution looked equally challenging. Everybody started pouring their ideas on how to actually get the cake delivery on railway station. Some asked to hire a taxi and ask the driver to get it done, and some asked to request the same to the cake shop, but who is reliable. They could not take a chance as this was the Special and Last of its kind of Birthday.

Rahul, who always used to ask Google before making any decision of his life, started asking Google about Online Cake Delivery on Railway Station, which threw back few suggestions, top of which was something like, with few videos where their Team has already done several such deliveries on Railway Station. That was the moment of “hitting the right hole” for him, as that was something exactly what everyone was striving for. In no time Rahul shared the link on WhatsApp group asking others to get it checked if it is a good idea. Everyone were convinced to give it a final try, as there was no equivalent option to trust.

chocolate cakeThen what, with just few clicks, the favorite cake of Parth – Chocolate Cake with OREO got booked and in less than 30 minutes of booking the order online, Rahul got a confirmation call from Midnightcake Team asking for verification of all the details that he had punched in online order form. To make it double sure, he asked the customer support executive to put one important comment for the delivery executive that it has to be delivered exactly at 01:40 pm when the Train arrives in Nagpur Station. Nagpur is the third largest city of Maharashtra State which was on the route of Parth’s Train.

Now it was the first time for all of the Parth’s friends, that they have booked such kind of order for the delivery of Cake on Nagpur Railway Station, in fact it was the first time ever for delivery of cake on railway station itself, not Nagpur. This raised the Adrenaline Level of each one of the group member as the clock neared delivery time of 01:40 pm.

order tracking of midnightcake

Out of the eagerness, Rahul started staring at the Order Tracking Page at 12:55pm which said “Out for Delivery” since 12:50pm which earlier was a different one. This gave him some amount of  pleasant feelings that, yes, it is working, which he doubted whether showed the right status of the order or not. Since he had a vast experience of booking things online and tracking orders, it was something which touched his Techno Savvy Nerve and delighted him by giving the order status updates on screen without calling anyone. What else could you expect, when doing such kind of experiment sitting thousand kilometers away !

As soon as it was 01:15 pm everyone started showing their eagerness of what is next and how it is going to execute at Nagpur Railway Station. Everyone was staring at their Mobile Screen in the expectation to get some updates in WhatsApp Group. Since there was no one practically available at the place where the Celebration was going to be executed, the prior scenario could not be predicted unless there is some update on Order Tracking Page, that was the only place where the earliest change was expected after getting the call from Parth.

It was 01:40pm and the Train’s official arrival time was due. Yet there was no change in the Order Status page and neither there was any update from the Birthday Boy – Parth. Obviously since it was a  surprise, nobody could call Parth and confirm as that would ruin the whole idea of surprise. There was absolute calmness on WhatsApp Group as nobody had any hints over what is going on at Nagpur Railway Station Platform Number 3.

online cake delivery in nagpur

The clock showed 01:50pm, yet there is no update from Parth neither there is any change on Order Tracking Page. This merely confirmed that train will leave the station soon and the order is not going to be executed and there will be no special surprise for Parth, the friends were upset. The group looked gloomy without any life. Everyone was in the mood not worth celebrating.

At 01:55pm there was SMS in the Mobile of Rahul who had booked the order from Midnightcake Server which said: Your Order #160804006003001642 is successfully delivered to Parth Dedhia in Nagpur at 01:50 pm. Before he could complete reading the SMS, the screen showed “Parth Dedhia Calling…” it was Parth who was calling out of his eagerness to know what exactly happened. He was speechless due to the surprise he received at the time and location he never imagined !

cake delivery on railway station

Before the conversation could reach the end, Rahul added 3 other friends to have a Conference Talk which is good to imagine for us…

At the end, when Rahul checked the Order Status on Order Tracking Page, it had a link to see Photos of Delivery, which took him to a new Tab with few Photos taken by the Delivery Executive, which were later shared on their WhatsApp group giving the feeling of Seeing is Believing to all the Group Members.

cake delivery on railway station

Parth, Rahul and all other friends had a Good Time thereafter which included the most sought after teasing of Parth for his Last Bachelor Birthday Celebration.

It was a Wonderful Memories for everyone…

Parth then shared the Cake with all the co-passengers travelling with him in his coach, few of which came back and wished him “Happy Birthday” with a shake of hand and polite smile, as they never imagined or expected to have a bite of Cake while travelling in Train 🙂

That was the time when Parth realized, his friends did not delivered only Cake, but infact they delivered Cake as by product of Delivery of two Costly Elements – Feelings and Emotions.

It was a Celebration worth Crores ! The Time Parth spent, was invaluable !

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