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Cake Delivery – Top 12 Ideas to search for Best Website

Tips on Cake Delivery – things you should consider

  1. How to search for right website for cake delivery

    If you are searching on, then try will following keywords for better judgement on available options:

    1. Online Cake Delivery with FREE Delivery
    2. Send Cake Online for FREE
    3. Same Day FREE Cake Delivery
  2. Search for complaints and reviews on internet

    Once you shortlist the top ten websites for Cake Delivery, search for following keywords on Internet to get the Negative Reviews of each of them.

    1. complain of (website name)
    2. (website name) complains
    3. problem with (website name)
    4. bad experience with (website name)
      Remember one thing, every website has its own Pros and Cons, each of them are based in various parts of the country with dominance in specific geographic location. Unfortunately, it is a general tendency of Users that when they feel Good, when they are served Better, when their Experience is as per their Expectation, no one shares that or appreciates that openly and nobody cares to write few lines about the hard work done by the service provider. But, when there is a fraction of disappointment from Service Provider side, due to any sort of issues, the Users/Customers start writing paragraphs and that too not at one place, but every single text box they find on internet. It is good to share the Bad Experience, provided that you also share the Good and Positive Experiences also.

      There are few websites like Mouth Shut which can help you for this type of search

  3. Search over Social Networks

    1. Facebook is the biggest Social Network – check whether the website you have shortlisted has a Official Facebook Page like  Search if some welknown and prominent celebrity has said anything about the brand you have opted. cake delivery on facebook
    2. Second best Social Network to check the followers is on Twitter like cake delivery on twitter
    3. Google Plus is growing fast these days, the biggest plus point of it is, it is integrated with Google Search, Maps, Youtube, and other Google Products, so the information remains connected with other things on Internet – Search for Cake Delivery or #cake or #cakedelivery on GooglePlus
    4. Many times it also happens that Number of Follower are more, but that is because of paid ads and campaigns, the actual services may or may not be upto the mark with respect to the number of followers. It is very difficult for the non technical person to find whether the number of followers are genuine or paid. However there are few techniques to check that also, few of the top are:
      1. Check the past 10 to 15 posts, and the see the comments, likes, shares and reactions. For example, if a Page has 10,000 genuine followers, and in the last post there are not even 100 likes, that means, it is possible that the followers are actually not interested in the Page, the content is not attractive, the follower are non relevant.
      2. See how many people have tagged the page or used the hashtag with its brand name or page name, if that is not too high, that means, the followers are less organic and people dont really like it because of its expertise in that specific business, but may be the result of some campaign to increase the likes and followers.
  4. Try with a different Search Engine

    Google is no doubt the Best Search Engine, but try it with or Yandex too, as sometimes, that helps you get the neutral result, as Google might be suggesting you only those top results which you have already visited before, but it does not know about your previous Experience. When you opt for other search engine which you seldom use, it does not know your taste, and hence gives you unbiased search results. If you still want to go for Google, then opt for an incognito window which does not store any of your credentials and history.

  5. Check on the Location based Directories

    Check on Foursquare or similar directories for the website you have opted for Cake Delivery. Foursquare needs the verification of location using a verified code sent to the address from their headquarters. This means if the website shows verified badge, then it is more reliable and verified listed using code sent in post. You can also search for number of checkins and review by the visitors. For example:

  6. Check on Image sharing Platforms

    The list of Image Sharing platform is long, but check on top few which includes Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr simply search for different hashtags (#) related to Cake Delivery like #cake #cakedelivery #online #celebration #birthday #midnightcake #chocolate #memorable #special

    cake delivery instagram

  7. Find Videos

    Youtube is the biggest collection of Videos, so search for Cake Delivery on Youtube or even try for Cake Delivery on Vimeo  as Vimeo is also a superior video collection on Internet.

  8. Search over Business Directories

    Trepup is a wonderful tool to search for Business Listings. Search for Cake Delivery on Trepup and see the important information you can capture from the Business Listing Page. There are lot of other local directories like JustDial which are there, but less reliable sources of getting reviews and feedbacks compared to the former ones. Tumblr is worth too for checking the genuine content, cake delivery on tumblr

  9. See if there is a Blog

    Blogs are a good place to share the content, which is other than product. Main Website can only have the information related to Products, Specifications, Prices, Delivery Locations, Delivery Times, and other Terms and Conditions related to Product and Services. But anything which is good information to be shared with the visitors, apart from what is available on website can be shared on it Official Blog. Don’t forget to check the frequency of posts, if they are too much, then it is used for marketing, if it is less it is not very active which means the users are less. If the number of posts are reasonable and with useful content, that means the Blog is near to Perfect and relevant to the Business you are looking for.

  10. Check on miscellaneous search sites like or  provides search options for exclusively searching Animated GIFs where you can take reference if someone has shared the animation related to product or services related to your requirements. You have to be ready to face some unexpectedly comedy and funny search results 😉 cake delivery in giphy

  11. Search for Best Cake Delivery on Question & Answer Sites like

    Quora has enormous number of answers submitted by experienced customers who have used the Services/Products and added their review with as many details as available with them. It is a good platform to get the mix of positive and negative answers of many such question like Where can I order a cake online?

  12. Search on External Third Party Review Collection Sites like Trusted Company for Cake Delivery

    Third Party opinion is always neutral, unbiased and transparent, hence it is always recommended to check what others see about the Website you have opted. You may get your answer in the feedback submitted by other users. But make sure you are not making the decision by considering a single or few reviews, positive or negative. The Best way is to get the average, as negative review is unavoidable, even for big brands. cake delivery on

Every year there are lot of new Business, Services and Products coming into the market, to see the keywords which are most searched on Google, there is a tool called Google Trends, where we can see the location wise and year wise search trend.

For your reference we have put the graph of Google Trends for top Keywords related to  “Cake Delivery”

  • Cake Delivery – see the graph as it appears on Google Trends for data from 2004 to presentcake delivery google trends
  • Online Cake Delivery – see the graph as it appears on Google Trends for data from 2004 to present

online cake delivery google trends

  • Midnight Cake Delivery – see the graph as it appears on Google Trends for data from 2004 to present

midnight cake delivery google trends


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