Celebrate Travelling

celebrate travelling

Celebrate Travelling

a solution for people with Hodophobia

Celebrate Travelling – How ? here’s the way out:-

Are you suffering from Hodophobia? – the one who literally hates or is worried of Travelling? Well the reason can be because you never experienced the travelling as a Celebration. It is indeed a celebration, why? Read here

  • Celebrate yourself!
    You are capable, you are fit, you have no serious mental or physical disorder which limits you from moving from one place to other, imagine the situation of people paralyzed who can’t move an inch without someones help, even if they want to run.

    celebrate travelling
    Be thankful to Almighty first – who has surely saved you from hundreds of such situations where you could have screwed up yourself.

    Secondly to your parents who took utmost care while you were a toddler, such that you could see the world in a better way, imagine kids suffering from polio and other disorders.

    Third to your friends, society and your nation, imagine a situation like world war where you are stucked a thousand mile away from your family and could not sneak out of the window for the fear of getting hunted. By now you must have already imagined a lot of scenes and realised that you are atleast not in a position which is seriously a bad situation.

  • Experience Food
    celebrate travelling
    Till now it was damn serious, Now let’s take the funny side of this, when you travel, you get an opportunity to taste new recipes.

    It is said that for a change in every couple of miles – taste changes. Why not experience some speciality of the place you are travelling to, it might become an unforgettable experience worth celebrating someday.

    Experimenting with food is indeed great most of the times, provided you did it in a calculated manner confirming the ingredients prior to grabbing a jumbo bite.

    Food Lovers are sure to Celebrate Travelling if they get a hint of famous food available during the journey.

  • Be a Writer

    A lot of idle time during travelling? Try your hands on writing. Yes you read it right. Make yourself an author for some time and see how unimaginably funny and interesting content you produced.

    celebrate travellingMost of us don’t know how good content we can create for the world in need. Whatever you write will not go futile, in this small universe there is always one strong reader of everything you write and that is – You.

    Whenever we write something, be it SMS, an Email, or Whatsapp we do read it once after completing, even after knowing we ourselves have written it. Sometimes we repeat this over and over again – reading something written by us, bcoz it gives the feeling of a creator.

    To be a creator is a matter of pride, no matter what and how big the creation is. Specially if someone appreciates our creation, even by mistake, we get energized with positive enzymes produced from our body which inspires you to do it more, again and again.

  • No Disturbances

    Another biggest reason to celebrate your travelling time is – you are out of strong mobile coverage this means you are less prone to get disturbance from routine humans (and few animals too) this actually gives a small piece of your time to think of yourself, open the lid of your brain and see whats being cooked inside, is there anything for yourself or everything for work. celebrate travelling

    This is your life and not a never ending stopless boring meeting.
    Use this time to actually and honestly retrospect.

    You would not believe but such times can bring you to a conclusion of long awaited and long processed question of your life, because you are not tensed during travelling as you cannot do anything but spend time till you reach your destination.

    If you get a solution to that long stretched question, it will be worth one of the biggest celebration. Come on buddy you just got the answer, you got the formula for a tuff, painful and boiling bone of your life, it deserves a big celebration.

  • Creative Ideas

    Creative and Innovative are the words suitable to things that come to your mind when it is open and stress free.
    This is exactly the status of your brain while travelling. Think of a wild idea, it can be a breathe taking formula for the world to get gifted from you. celebrate travelling

    It can shoot up your business. It can make you a celeb. It can help you find your soulmate.

    It can solve a family issue you ever wanted to solve. Wild ideas are in fact never wild, they are the most fertile culture which can give a birth so something new, something new thought of, something never imagined, something never predicted, never calculated.

    It obviously takes many strokes to hit the center, but with every stroke you are sure to move closer. What can be the best time other than travelling to practice your strokes, think over and over again on what you love to think. What is that first thing that comes to your mind when you are asked to do when you are free.

    Stick to it, take that favorite thing to the next level. Think of getting it sharpened like nobody would have done and make it shining like nobody would have imagined. Let the world know that thing by your name first and then its original name.

  • The Human Connection

    Sounds like you are given a steroid doze of philosophical lines? Lets again come back to the fun filled recipe. For those who travel like robots – sitting mute and expression less, occupying one more seat and stealing the opportunity for a fun filled human to travel and add traffic to online ticketing sites, let us make loud and clear that it is of no use to the world, if a human cannot add some value to this world in all its activities. What is a human who cannot connect with another human, without any reason, without profitability checks, without limitation of language, without barriers of caste and creed. Let us play a game. A game where we will not count the wickets but count the human qualities and put them on a test. Now the game is here, whether we are travelling in a bus, train or flight, we have lot of humans around us, if not all but atleast one beside us. Thats our goal. We have a timeline while travelling i.e. till we reach the destination, afterwards both of us gonna run in our directions to catch up with our routine rat-race.
    celebrate travelling
    Before we end the journey, we have to win the other human sitting beside. We dont know his nature, his likings and dislikings, his behaviour, his favorite food, nothing, absolute blank. There is a saying which we repeated many times across many articles which says – “Everyone on this Earth is having something special, bcoz God cannot create garbage” (to know more about such inspiring quotes, just check our section called Powerful Thoughts) just like it says, we know why we are special but thats not enuff. Here in this game the goal is to find what must be that secret special thing infused by God in that human.

    To know this secret it needs us to connect with that human, not by asking a one liner question but in such a way that the other human never realizes how brilliantly we fetched that special secret out during the course of conversation. This is when your travel now becomes an Art Activity. Yes it is indeed a pure Art to get connected to an unknown never before met human. It is far difficult than what it seems here while writing as it needs a hell lot of tricks, patience and perseverance to execute this in a real life.

    Becoz the other human may not be an extrovert, but still it has that special secret inside which we need anyhow to win the game. If we are lucky then there are chances that fellow human would be extrovert as it is easy to connect with that category of people who don’t mind opening up with a stranger in controlled way. Whereas for the other category where a person does not seem receptive it tests our skill hard to find the algorithm which works best to continue a conversation. If there is no conversation there is no flow of ideas, ultimately resulting into loosing the battle against ourselves to connect with em. After a long deal of attempts that we made, if it all happens that we become victorious in knowing that secret best thing about the other person, we should count it as a new thing learnt, telling in other way, we added a part of that secret to our inventory, making it richer than yesterday before starting this journey. Isn’t it worth celebrating?

    Without spending an extra penny or even without a barter deal, we enriched our phonebook with a new friend on this earth. Imagine at last if nothing goes right, which generally never happens, we do not have a million dollar gambled on it, we lose nothing, absolute nothing, man what can be a cheaper deal than this? In case we fail, still we add something to our psychological lesson about what tricks never work in connecting with other human and we analyzed a type of human and a unique characteristic.

    That is a database which is generated, usually at a cost and experience , which we generated for free making us smarter and information rich. This is something like no loss deal. But imagine the plus side of this. If we get connected as a strong friends who once travelled together and that same bloody friend has turned a millionaire of the city decades later, can we imagine how many such elements can our phonebook accommodate and influence the World? If the mayor of the city, is one of such strong friend of us whom we first met once upon a time in a bus 5 years ago, in how many ways he can be useful to us. This game can add a bunch of good people into our phonebook, teach more than hundred human behavioural fundamentals, and minimize your weakness and loops we discover during the course of game – Everthing at no extra cost but a ticket! And attitude to connect 🙂

You know what ? While Travelling you can book the delivery of Feelings and Emotions also, see how and apart from that you can also get it delivered on Airport or Railway Station, so that if you are with your special someone, and want to have a Surprise Cake and Flowers ready when you come out of the Airport or Railway Station, book it right when you board the flight or train, so Midnightcake Team will arrange everything required to make your Travelling end with a Mega Celebration, which can be another Unforgettable Experience !

Celebrations are not an Expense, infact they are an Investment, dont agree? see this video

The interesting thing about this Post is that – it tooks its birth while I was travelling in Train from Pune to Ahmedabad, interesting isnt it? 🙂
Write one such article in your next travel. Let’s get rid of Hodophobia and start to Celebrate Travelling

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