Celebration – Wastage or Investment ?

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Why Celebrate ?

Celebration is the most rusted tool in your regularly used tool kit ,

first thing ! is it a productive tool or a time killing and money draining nonsensical idiotic thing to do ?

What comes to a normal person’s mind when it comes to celebration ? Expense , slowdown, job crisis , saving , fund shortage , why to waste the hard earned money in such nonsense crap ? correct ?

Lets see what exactly the Celebration is, from our perspective…

What is celebration ?

Have you in your free time, ever wondered what is celebration ?

Celebration is the phenomenon where you pamper yourself and if possible others by doing what you love , it may be mere idiotic ( it may seem idiotic to others but if you love it you should do) but it’s you who is calling for celebration so the other person’s perspective doesn’t matter much . Let’s take an example :- You are awarded with the “employee of the month” and you celebrate it by taking a leave the other day and just sleep like a pig , eating pizzas and not receiving a single call from the office. But at the end of the day what is it that you are feeling is, satisfaction , peace and happiness from the core, so that is what the celebration is. And next day when you head for office you will be 3 feet high and multiple time powerful and creative when it comes to work. Celebration doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of bucks, plan the hell lot as if you are getting married the next day. It doesn’t take much to celebrate, what it really needs is the Attitude to feel the Life in a Positive way. It is proved scientifically that productivity of humans gets boosted after a Celebration, no matter what work they do.

Celebration is infact not on the liability side, but on the asset side of the balance sheet of your Life.

See the video below, it might change the way you look towards Celebration, we call it – Investment in Memories !

Celebrating ! what good does it do ?

Imagine your Fiancée  is staying in the other state and it’s her first birthday since your engagement, and you are really stuck up at office under the boss’s ass working hard. All you want to see is the smile on her face when she sees the cake with “Happy Birthday Sweetheart” written on it , now what if i tell you that you can do this , you can surprise and make her happy and even better is that – you can get the photos of her cutting the cake the very next day in your mail box (only if she would let to take some pics …khekhekhe!) Yes this can be done by www.midnightcake.com 

It can save you big time and brain you were going to put in the substitution of you not going there. It can make a special place in the heart for you and she may return the favor in many different ways (i hope you got what i mean to say), means celebrating generates happiness and spread the love and joy from your heart to the other heart, also makes your and others life lil bit colorful and less boring.

If you are confused with the methods to celebrate , there are 15 ways to make the celebration special. Celebration with people, bring people with different breed, interest and personality together. People may be different but they can only be united at one place and that is celebration. Thus a Celebration can be that fevibond between people making it a social solution to keep them attached with each other with memories they had during celebration.

Money or Attitude ?

You dont need huge chunk of money to celebrate,

gather few hard core friends pop few bottles and here rolls the celebration!

Call your girl meet her and on the way grab few roses and tell her how beautiful she is and this is called celebrating her beauty and your togetherness. Small things in Life like saying I really Love You to your near and dear ones can turn an ordinary day into a celebration, nobody will forget that day!

Have you ever said I love you Daddy or I love you Mom to your Father or Mother in last few years? Isnt it the Right Time to say it and let those few moments be a celebration for them. Tell them before its too late. What does it need to do so, thousand dollars or an attitude ?

Imagine, after the long and exhaustive meeting with your clients at office, what can be a celebration for you, it can be something like going right as you wanted, head for the open air long drive with music as loud as possible and just enjoy the air passing through. Be it a bike or a SUV, doesnt make much difference to you.

Your gang failed the exam?  Head for the nearest dhaba and eat till your belly burst and celebrate the unity.

If you want to celebrate and finding the reason to celebrate here it is. Reasons to celebrate

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