Frequently Asked Questions on Midnightcake.com

faq frequently asked questions

Answers to your Queries Before and After placing Order on Midnightcake.com

  • Questions Before placing the Order

    1. Can I book my order offline ?

      Midnightcake.com is 100% Online Concept, no matter whether you want to send cake or send flower or send hand made greeting card to your loved ones, hence you cannot book your order Offline. This is actually Safe and more Reliable, as you have all the supporting documents of your order and payment that you have done. Offline orders does not have any supporting proof and cannot be tracked online. We have a Strong Order Processing System at the Backend which takes your order from various stages and phases, such that we get to know about various key parameters related to your order like booking time, processing time, dispatch time, delivery time and much more. This helps us serve you better and in a controlled way. We strongly discourage the Offline Order Booking process, if you find anyone booking offline orders on behalf of Midnightcake, never Trust it, and immediately drop a mail to us with all details to info(at)midnightcake.com

    2. Can I book my order on Phone ?

      As explained above, we are sorry to say we cannot book your order on Phone also. It is absolutely Online Booking System.

    3. Can I make Cash On Delivery – COD type of order ?

      Since there is no scope for returning of Cake or Flowers or items we prepare for you, it is not possible for us to Process your order without 100% Advance Payment Confirmation, which means we do not have any COD Type of Delivery, moreover we also recommend to all the valuable customers not to handover any Cash to the Delivery Executives against Order Payment or Tips. We work hard to keep them Happy and Satisfied so that you can be Satisfied and you do not require to take that pain, leave that on us 🙂

    4. Can I get a Discount Coupon ?

      Midnightcake Coupons are automatically issued

    5. Can I book the order for a City/Area not listed on Midnightcake.com ?

    6. Can I get Money back / Refund Guarantee ?

    7. Can I get Free Gift if I refer Midnightcake.com to my Friends ?

    8. Can I get commission if I bring in orders for Midnightcake.com ?

    9. I am booking from outside India, can I use International Card ?

    10. Can I use any of my ATM Card, Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking ?

  • Questions After placing the Order

    1. Can I change the details submitted online during booking the order ?

    2. How to Track my Order ?

    3. Can I get the Contact Details of Delivery Executive ?

    4. Can I keep my name untold to the receiver at the time of delivery ?

    5. How can I know when was my order delivered ?

    6. How to know the feedback of receiver ?

    7. Can I cancel my Order ?

  • Questions not related to specific Order

    1. Are you Interested in Barter Deal for Promotion and Sales ?

    2. Is there any Referral Program ?

    3. Do you have any Special Offer for Corporate Customers ?

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