Happy Dussehra GIF 2017

happy dussehra gif by midnightcake

Happy Dussehra GIF – 3D Animated Version 2017

Happy Dussehra GIF may be one of the most searched GIFs on Internet this season. After the infusion of WhatsApp in everyones life, Image and GIF greetings have changed the way we wish each other on any special occasion or festival.

Technology has made the World smaller. While sitting in any part of the world, we can wish our loved ones and friends with a simple GIF or Image in seconds. Thanks to WhatsApp who has changed the life of whole mankind.

For each season, people have started searching for GIFs on internet. Dussehra is one such Indian Festival which is celebrated to symbolize the grand victory of Truth and Goodness over Evil and Falsehood.

It is a historic event thousands of years ago when Lord Ram got victory over demon Ravana.

If you are one of the many who are fond of wishing relative, family members, friends, colleagues and spreading the festive greetings on WhatsApp, you are at right place to get an incredible 3D animated GIF to wish Happy Dashera.

Happy Dussehra GIF 2016

Midnightcake Team is known to many for its Happy Dussehra GIF, which went viral in the year 2016 which was the first version of Happy Dussehra GIF from Midnightcake Team.

It was the first time such kind of GIF got viral not just in India, but across the World. Thanks to Indians living across various corners of the World and Thank also to other citizens who are connected with Indians, who jointly made the GIF viral over WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Above all, the invaluable gift Midnightcake Team got was from honorable superstar of Bollywood – Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, when he shared Happy Dussehra GIF on his official Facebook and Twitter Page ! It means a lot, lot to us. It was a never imagined or too hard to believe kind of gift.

See the actual FB post below:

That gave us a lot of energy and enthusiasm to work harder in making the version 2.0 better and incredible.

We are hereby glad to present the 3D animated version of Happy Dussehra GIF to celebrate Dussehra 2017 with an unparallel GIF greetings. Feel free to share it and wish your loved ones anywhere in the World !

Here is the 3D animated version of Happy Dussehra GIF:

Midnightcake and GIFs

Midnightcake is a platform to send cake along with your Feelings and Emotions, on Birthday or any special day, to make the celebration unforgettable, anywhere in Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune or any city of India. You can even get the cake delivery in train

Midnightcake team is a creative team, which likes to create a buzz in market using its festive GIFs. For each festival or special occasion Midnightcake team tries to create an unforgettable GIF !

Get the best suitable GIF on: 

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GIFs by Midnightcake

Till now Midnightcake team has created several viral GIFs, here are the few of them:

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How to share Midnightcake GIF on Whatsapp in 3 easy steps

  1. Open Midnightcake Channel on GIPHY
  2. Click on the GIF you like and see for the share button
  3. Copy the url and paste in WhatsApp to see download option. Press Send button once downloaded to share

If you would like to get in touch with midnightcake team – Contact Midnightcake Team

Happy Dussehra GIF by Midnightcake
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