Insane Reasons for Celebration

insane celebrations

Funny Celebrations

Celebration means enjoying yourself with external world at the nearest corner !

You don’t need the reason to celebrate, but for some personalities the normal birthday, anniversary, etc are not enough to celebrate.

so here’s a list of insane celebrations dedicated to those unusual souls 🙂


  1. You Failed exam :- Disaster it may seem for the world but ask the student ! it is an adventure and for few it is the badge of honor to fail , but what the student feels is something even the other student cannot express, but anyways it calls for the celebration.
  2. Friends bae got placed in highly reputed company leaving him stag.
  3. Your Ex got bitched by the winner in the love game which you lost.
  4. Your most hated teacher just got fired coz of you.
  5. When finally your old grandpa’s crappy rusty scooter gives up and dad is gonna buy you new one.
  6. Your best friend loses the job after getting selected in the company you aspired for.
  7. Your girlfriend’s most awaited movie is big disaster.
  8. Your best friend just got singled !
  9. The creepiest next door aunty is shifting.
  10. And is replaced by most fantasized opposite gender !
  11. Death of your immediate boss
  12. Increment in your Salary by huge 3%
  13. The Stock in which your rich father in law invested – crashes to one third of its price.
  14. Getting Free upgrade to Business Class during journey with your Wife

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