How to Celebrate your Marriage Anniversary

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Why Marriage Anniversary Celebration?

Marriage Anniversary is something which comes every Year and makes you realize that you are together, whether it feels Heaven or Hell !! 😛

When you can spend so long, together, that means, there is some ingredient therein, which deserves a decent Marriage Anniversary Celebration !

There is something Super Natural which keeps you bonded with each other, even after so many ups and downs, and super downs too…


Expensive ?

Already running on tight budget, and, here comes the Anniversary, now you need to do something to make that Special and Big Day even more Special, but don’t worry it won’t cost you Fortune, there are few smart ways to make it cost effectively special like below:

Watch Your Wedding Video:-

Watch the footage of you being confiscated. Watch how happily you jumped into it and take a look how people were eager to see you jumping  😛 It will be fun watching how you looked when you were getting married.

Try to imagine those feelings which used to run in your blood while getting married. How indulging that experience was, try to take yourself back to that exact time when you were surrounded by your family and friends who came to shower their love and wishes for you on your Big Day.

marriage anniversary celebration

Want to create a video of your Marriage Anniversary Celebration ?

You can also create a beautiful short video of your Marriage Anniversary Celebration at the time of delivery of Anniversary Cake and Flowers. Midnightcake Team can help you make your Marriage Anniversary Celebration memorable forever by composing a Video like this : See Video



  • Relive Your First Date:-

    If you are one of the lucky lovebirds who used to first date and then got married, On your anniversary relive those day on which it all started. It is amazing to reimagine the things you felt, the things you did togetheranniversary date

  • Just Be Together :-

    Just take a day off from your office, spend this special day with your spouse, do everything normal but with him/her which will make normal things special.

marriage anniversary celebration at home

  • Upgrade your rings :-

    Over time your love shines brighter, so does your sign of love must be, give each other new rings and rejuvenate your feeling of getting studded with Diamond and Platinum !

anniversary rings

  • Write each other letters:-

    If you are planning to do really something special, write the other one a beautiful love letter describing the beauty of your relationship, how you adore your happy married life, revitalize the vows you took on the wedding day and add some more if possible with every passing year.

anniversary letter

  • Create a gift box:-

    It is not for the masculine, but the other ladies who are planning to give him something special can make a box and keep the secret gift inside for which your partner have to complete the task you ask them to !

anniversary gift box


Need Handmade Gifts for your Marriage Anniversary Celebration?

Midnightcake Team has done a phenomenal search of Artists who can create beautiful Handmade Masterpieces and send it to your Loved One.

Click here to see the wide variety of Handmade Stuff, which is unique and never found anywhere else, across the World !

  • Dress in your marriage suit and gown and feel the moments:- 

The best way to replace the imagination of living a moment is to Live it actually. Thus if you are not comfy with too much of loads on your Brain, this is the best way. Simply put on your same boiler suit you used to get married. Look at each other and now feel those special moments once again. Try to throw you back in your past, rewind the story of your life by standing in front of a large mirror with the Marriage Suit.

Marriage Anniversary Celebration cannot be easier and better than executing the whole celebration once again. It is like playing your favorite song again and again.

anniversary suite

  • Send her/him the surprise at the midnight :-

    There is nothing like giving her / him the surprise delicious cake <3 and take the marriage anniversary celebration to next level of Indulgence.

anniversary cake
To send a delicious Cake to your Loved One by booking online : Click here

  • Call his/her best friends and give him/her surprise party at midnight :-

     If your spouse is party lover, call the party material and give him/her the surprise hard core parrrrrrtttttyyyyyyyyy and make your marriage anniversary celebration simply unforgettable.

anniversary party

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