Merry Christmas GIF

Merry Christmas GIF

Create Christmas GIF with your Name in 4 Steps

Christmas is just few days away and here we are excited to share the Wonderful HTML Tool to create an animated Christmas GIF with your Name which you can easily share on WhatsApp with just one click.

Midnightcake team is known for its creativity in creating various festive GIFs which are viral on internet and loved by everyone.

Without wasting much of your valuable time, lets jump on to the Steps to create Christmas GIF with your Name.

Seeing is Believing”

hence have a look at this before you plan anything else: Giphy

Steps to create Christmas GIF:

  1. Click on this link and open the sample HTML Page which reads like this: “YOUR NAME wishes you”, do not worry, here – YOUR NAME will be replaced by your actual name. For example “Ravi Sharma” wishes you if your name is Ravi Sharma. You can use the name of your Company or Brand also, just in case you want to wish to your customers.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Enter your name which you want to replace at YOUR NAME. You will find the button as below:enter your name to create christmas gif
  4. Once done, there will be a Green color button to share on Whatsapp, click on that. The button will look like below which will straight away ask you to select the contact list of your Whatsapp. Make sure to select only those contacts to whom you want to share the Christmas GIF with your Name.
    Share Christmas GIF button for Whatsapp

Find Christmas GIF with your Name!

This is exciting, once you have done above steps, you can find a dedicated page created with your Name which you can find here

It is indeed exciting to find a page with your name along with the names of everyone who used this tool to create Christmas GIF with their Name. You can use Ctrl + F on your keyboard to search for your Name, this is a tool provided by Browsers like Google Chrome. You can check with your browser.

Christmas GIF for Corporates and Brands

Midnightcake team know the importance of the fact about how important your Brand Name is to you. Many of us like our Brand name as much as we like our own name or family member’s name. Therefore, this time we have tried to deliver a tool which can be used for Branding and Advertising your own Company’s Name.

Just take care about few things below:

  • Wait for some time to load the Christmas GIF file completely, as it is an animated file, it may take time depending on your internet speed, but it is worth waiting, once fully loaded you will like it.
  • Do not put very long names or words which cannot be accommodated in one line, try to divide into multiple words as the mobile screen is narrow for most of your contacts.
  • While sharing the Christmas GIF on Whatsapp, first test it by sending to any dummy contact or friend before blasting it to all the groups and broadcast lists.
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Christmas GIF by Midnightcake
Christmas GIF by Midnightcake

Create Christmas GIF with your name and share on Whatsapp with one click. Animated GIF created by Midnightcake Team. Click this link:

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