Online Cashless Cake Delivery at Kalupur Railway Station on Platform Number 5

online cake delivery on railway station

Online Cashless Cake delivery at Kalupur Railway Station, Ahmedabad

If you are searching of How to deliver a Cake in Train on Railway Station?

here is the One Stop Solution for online cashless cake delivery at kalupur railway station, is the Professional Team to take care of your Cake Delivery on Railway Station which includes so many parameters:

  • Selection of nearest Branded Cake Shop to Railway Station, which remains open at the time of arrival of Train
  • Selection of Good Quality Cake from Trusted Cake Shop in Ahmedabad
  • Get the Cake ready for Delivery with right Message on Cake
  • Get the Flowers ready with a Special Message on Flowers (if flowers are opted)
  • Check the schedule of Train, like what is the Train Number, what is the Train Name
  • Check the Platform Number on which that Train is arriving, many times the Train are diverted to other platform from what is regular or what is shown on internet or ticket
  • Check the Arrival time of that Train on the Station where the delivery has to be done, sometimes the Train is late
  • Check the Stop time of Train, for how much time does the Train has the halt on that station
  • Get the exact location on Platform with Reference to Boggy Number in which the Receiver is travelling, for stations which are long, it may take exorbitantly long time to reach from one end to another, especially when it is crowded and it may consume the major time of the total halt time of train on that station

Once the above things are in line and perfect as per plan, then comes the execution part, which can be something like:

  1. Reach Station and get the Platform Ticket and reach the exact location on designated platform, before the Train arrives on Platform
  2. Get the Cake ready – put on candles and make the flowers ready to handover
  3. Once the Train stops, find the Receiver, this is the biggest challenge, when we deliver it at Residence, the house number is fixed and designated to the Receiver and the name plate is there to cross check, while in Train, the Seat Number does not have the name, photo or any proof of the receiver, so it becomes a challenge with limited to find the Right Receiver !
  4. Once getting the Right Receiver, get the delivery done in a perfect celebration manner
  5. Get the pictures, if opted by sender (Conditions Apply)
  6. Update the status of the Order in System, so that Sender can get a notification about successful delivery, so that sender can call the receiver to greet and wish !
  7. Upload the Photos of Celebration in System, which reaches the Sender as early as possible so that it can be shared with Friends and Family Members and shared on WhatsApp Groups while the Receiver is still in Transit and Travelling to the Destination

Have you ever before imagined these Parameters and Steps required for online cashless cake delivery at kalupur railway station ?

Well there is much more beyond this, know what are the challenges in Online Cake Delivery on Railway Station
Midnightcake Team is expert and has done several such delivery of Cake on Railway Station some of which are shared on Blog as well as Instagram Feed

Check the Video of one such Celebration which was done by Midnightcake Team for “online cashless cake delivery at kalupur railway station


For more details, simply get in touch with Midnightcake or Contact US

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