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Midnightcake Team, worked real hard to create this exclusive collection of handpicked real photographs of celebrations experienced by the esteemed customers at their doorstep at midnight or at the time they never expected !

Someone special for each of those in photographs, took all the pain to book the surprise cake delivery and flower delivery on that special day which matters a lot to them.

We know it is not easy to arrange the midnight delivery of cake or midnight delivery of flower for someone whom you love so much and you are away from them. There is a lot of responsibility on Midnightcake Team to make each Celebration Memorable and Unforgettable, it is thus a part of the Team’s Delivery Process, to capture the photos of Celebration at the time of Delivery with everyone present at the destination along with the Receiver.

Midnightcake Team captured each of these photos after taking the concern and permission from the receiver. Some of the photos may be bit of hazy but, they are Original and captured in the darkest darkness of midnight, which is obvious to hinder the brightness and clarity. What is infact important in these photos is the Love of someone special for those in Photographs, which makes these photos Bright and Colorful than all other photos just created with a software.


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