VDOting – VIDEO Greeting

VDOting – Animated Video Greeting

a New Concept to wish on WhatsApp

VDOting is a joint made out of two words – ‘Video’ and ‘Greeting’ which means a new style to greet your Loved Ones, Friends, Colleagues and Business Partners. VDOting helps you deliver your Feelings, Emotions, Message, and above all – your Style of Thinking in the form of a short animated video. It is rightly said – “Seeing is Believing” hence it is better to send a VDOting rather than sending a long paragraph of what you feel about someone special.

Gone are those boring days, when people used to read long letters and paragraphs which are time wasting and energy consuming. VDOting saves the Time and Energy both, making it easy like butter on bread to deliver the point to point message. Moreover, not to make it generic, we have kept the space for you to customize each VDOting with your personalized message which shall be animated and cleverly infused in the course of animation with suitable Font and Color Theme, making it a first of  its kind of style of wishing someone.

Best part is VDOting can be shared on any social network or chat and messaging Apps like WhatsApp, Hike, Line, WeChat, etc. and delivered in a Group or directly to the special person you want to wish to. Beauty of VDOting is – it does not require anything in physical to deliver, it can be delivered anywhere in the World, anytime !

Corporates can use VDOting to create the Brand Awareness by customizing the Message and including their Logo while creating some seasonal Greetings like Christmas Greeting, New Year Greeting, or Valentine Greetings.




To create a VDOting of your choice, select the best option from the wide collection and give us your Personalize Message. To know more: Click here

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